Zafferano has been working with hospitality for many years researching and developing new products. Federico de Majo, the designer and owner of Zafferano, grew up on the island of Murano where he learnt the craft of glass making at the family factory. In 2001 he left to start his own business in Treviso (on the mainland near Venice) designing and creating his own style of wine glasses. Today his wine glasses are used to decorate the tables of some of the most prestigious restaurants and hotels in Italy. Customers include starred chefs, ambassadors of high cuisine and authoritative brands in international hospitality. With the introduction of the Esperienze wine glasses the way of tasting wine has changed. The ripples at the bottom of the wine glass, an international patent, are the hallmark of these fine crystal wine glasses. This unique design increases the surface area in contact with the wine in order to enhance the process of oxygenation. The ripples also allow the full range of colours and reflections of the wine to be observed without having to tilt the glass.The Esperienze wine glass is highly regarded in the world of tasting and has been used as the official wine glass at prestigious wine events such as “Vin Italy”.